Smart Toothbrush


Everyone’s got a mouth, and a healthy mouth is a gateway to a healthier you. Our smart mode toothbrush and high-density plant hair bristles will leave your mouth healthy and a healthier you.

With a day mode and a night mode, you will be sure that your teeth and gums will be sparkling clean.

Our three-stage adjustment is perfect for anyone with sensitive teeth.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Mark Rojas

It is a great toothbrush and I absolutely love mine!

Oscar Pena
Really Nice, First Electric Toothbrush

Long story short, I watch Jose's YT videos a lot, and he throws in his He Grooming Ad occasionally. I needed a new brush, so I just sucked it up and got the toothbrush, facial cleanser, and deodorant (I don't usually like buying from YT people since they're insanely overpriced or overrated). The brush has a great color and is bigger than I expected. Has a nice case for travel which I do often. The Performance of the brush is really good. This is what the big bucks are for because that fast powered brushing feels sooo good, it's legit like being at a dentist everyday. Not that brushing manually was a huge hassle, I don't think anybody is that lazy, but it's more so the efficiency in cleaning that has been the money maker. I'm really happy with my purchase. If I could recommend a change, it would be the button system since it's a single button that must be pressed to go through the various modes (which was confusing at first). Overall, very happy with my purchase, and I encourage anybody who is on the fence about getting the toothbrush to just suck it up and try it out!

Roberto Williams

Smart Toothbrush


Amazing. Only problem I have is that there is only one button to press and can be a little bit confusing in the beginning to navigate the different options/settings for the toothbrush.

Enrrique Garcia

I think it’s a good toothbrush so far and I hope it doesn’t end up breaking or malfunctioning while I’m brushing but yet to find out. Overall I genuinely believe it’s money well spent.


Brushing teeth

1.Place new brush head on toothbrush.

2.Place small amount of toothpaste.

3.Select the correct mode and brush your teeth for the specified time.

4.Flip bush over and use the tongue cleaner to clean your tongue.