Micro Nose Trimmer


The hē Micro Nose Trimmer is small, but this does not in any way diminish its performance. It looks beautiful with its dark grey anodized aluminum body with a protective lid which gives the trimmer the look of a slightly larger pen when closed.

Its small size makes it ideal for those hard to reach areas and with its carbon ground blades, you can rest easy knowing you will not be hurt by the trimmer. It's a lightweight device that's easy to carry around and also easy to keep in the best shape as it is water-resistant and can be washed without any fuss.


  • *International customers are responsible for customs fees*


Nose Trimming

1.Remove top and press the button on the bottom.

2.Gently move it from the outside toward the inside of the nostril. Though it will not hurt you, the electric trimmer will make you feel tingly, so be prepared.

3.Repeat process with your other nostril.