Smart Toothbrush


Everyone’s got a mouth, and a healthy mouth is a gateway to a healthier you. Our smart mode toothbrush and high-density plant hair bristles will leave your mouth healthy and a healthier you.

With a day mode and a night mode, you will be sure that your teeth and gums will be sparkling clean.

Our three-stage adjustment is perfect for anyone with sensitive teeth.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Awesome 🌟

Body wash is so great but I thinks it's the oil added to the deodorant that make it have a bad after smell but I like the spicy smell it's buff

Steven Delgado
Everything was great but the deodorant…

The smart brush was great! I noticed a big difference compared to a regular toothbrush. The face brush was good too & the body wash has a nice scent. The deodorant however did not. I liked the concept of it being all natural with it’s minty smell but after awhile it just enhances your body odor smell & wreaks. On a hot day it would not even last an hour and my girlfriend would complain about the odor. I didn’t have this problem when I used other deodorant products and I was very disappointed because Jose said he compiled all the products to make the best deodorant but it seems it lacked in the smell department (which is the most important part of a deodorant). Nonetheless I have high hopes for this brand and I trust Jose to fix this problem.

Daniel Soto
Body wash is good, deodorant is meh

For the body wash it feels good and smooth and works for ur face a lot I truly love it. But the deodorant doesn’t smell threw out the whole day it wears off aftet 3 hours if you work out and be active, only use when you don’t do anything

Quenten Loftin
Best under $100 electric toothbrush I've had.

Great shape, grip, and the auxiliary assistance from the bristles in the different modes does wonders to your teeth. If you don't floss this is a decent pseudo alternative.

Mark Rojas

It is a great toothbrush and I absolutely love mine!


Brushing teeth

1.Place new brush head on toothbrush.

2.Place small amount of toothpaste.

3.Select the correct mode and brush your teeth for the specified time.

4.Flip bush over and use the tongue cleaner to clean your tongue.